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hi b4by, happy 2nd week of  December! How are you feeling, it's about to be 2019?  I desire to share some of my thoughts with you about a common struggle of the celebration of others especially around the Holidays. We need to be happy and acknowledge the gifts and accomplishments of our peers.  Our generation often only post a photo of what they received for the holidays or post when something is going to really well in life. I ran across a study conducted last year with tons of research showing 76% of young adults have FOMO which is the (fear of missing out). The perception that you are missing out or you aren’t where you should be happens because most of us control other people's vision of our reality.  

I’ve been there before and daily work hard to battle this syndrome by recognizing when I feel less than, it is most likely about me not recognizing that we all have good days and bad days and we all need to love and support each other in whatever phase we are in as we continue to grow.

 I really want you all to understand its OK to celebrate and congratulate others without feeling less than or like your missing out on the good life. I realized in life, we’re only working to be the Best version of ourselves..which also means... the only person we can compete with is ourselves. we all have a purpose in the world and I know,the best way to find your purpose and effectively work towards it everyday is by being genuinely happy for others, remembering you are only competing with who you were previously.  Live in the present and remember the past is only apart of your journey to who you will become.  Thank you for joining me this Tuesday..... prepare for a super pink week.


gAng iN dis biTch

b4bylexig1rl here!!! to tell y'all this weeks theme is on tha dead locs. lmfaoo but naw fr hi all. happy december. it's already the last month  of 2018... and time is  of the essence. December  is a time to reassess  your life  and set goals for the new year, I Love the Spirt of Christmas and giving!! I love love looveee spending time with those i love and B4BYLEXIG1RL.NET'S 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF FUCKING COURSE. i can't believe this site has been running for this amount of time. i am so grateful for tha gang for continuing to roc wit me and my movement and we only continuing the madness. 2018 was one of the most fulfilling yet emotionally draining years i've ever experienced. i couldn't be more grateful for the shit that tested my faith and character. the strength i now carry is a real gift from God. I have learned so much this year including some new found strengths and some uncool weaknesses. the cool thing is, is that when you're aware of both you strenghs and weaknesses you can build on your strengths to make it stronger and kick the weaknesses to the curb by coming up with action steps to disable these weaknesses. i'm currently building a goal planning and intention setting tool for my gang to use and not only start this year of strong but maintain and execute your goals. 

please gang, tell me what is one habit/thing you want to leave behind this? what habit/thing do you want to develop this year? 

this video is my favorite go tha year.





WHO ARE YOU?/ NAME- Kari Anuforo


WHERE R U FROM? Los Angeles, Ca


WHAT CONNECTS U TO THE B4BYGANG? She gives me the confidence to go and get it and inspires me to get in my bag.


WHAT DO U DO? Im a social lite that interviews people in the entertainment industry. 



I wanna inspire people to pursue their dreams and aspirations and to never take no for an answer. Young females need to realize their worth and overcome their insecurities. 



Gunna- money don't change you

Sahbabii- squidtastic and SANDAS album 

Young Nudy- Nudyland album


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proper planning prevents poor performance.

welcoming 2019 with a planning tool i developed to establish your goals and maintain them. i will be doing a seminar on how to use this packet and how to make this as effective as possible for your goals and intentions for this upcoming year. remember. we are our biggest enemy. its you vs. you until the end. we're really going to focus on how we can be the best versions of ourselves and how to be most effective in our community. if u wanna join this party email me @ and i will get the pdf to you all by the 15th of this month so we can begin our journey. wit the most love..


tha baddest bitch

a short story

by b4bylexig1rl
as b4by-angel(exi)-g1rl fell asleep last night the last thing she remembered was the song.. ‘da baddest bitch’ by trina.. as lexi dozed off she wandered into the life-sized game candyland
while on her journey through the land of candy, this song wouldn’t stop playing in her head.
as she moved forward and dropped into lord licorice’s territory he couldn’t help but notice this striking lady’s arrogance. trina collected some of his famous licorice.  he asked her if she would read some books to the less fortunate in the next hour or so. the miss declined quickly and let lord know.. she was da baddest bitch an she had people 2 see and money 2 make. skipping her way into princess lolly’s neck of the woods she didn’t know how to act. she finally ran into to someone as fye as her. but she couldn’t believe or accept it. with her nose snooted up in the air and not wanting to greet the princess, mz. trina realized how classless she looked. as she was about to approach,lolly spoke out and said “how do you do?” the young hottie replied ~I’m doing fabulous sweetie; and you? the princess shouted I’m doing much better now that you’re here. at that moment, the baddest bitch felt something she never felt before… she felt insecure. as she waltzed around with the implication of her being the baddest bitch, meeting someone just as fye who yet humble made her think twice.. as she spent a few hours contemplating her thoughts she eventually went on to visit queen frostine.  imagine queen frostine was also fye, generous and possessed a beautiful life perspective. the queen asked mz.trina how she was doing today. her response this time she was completely different. my trina explained how she was confused how in her perfect world she could prance around being the baddest and best and feel nothing for anybody yet when she was in candy land she was feeling different about that persona. she went on and on for about 45 minutes and the queen explained to her… how she can make a make a major life adjustment by tweaking something so small. trina was confused, and thinking what could help me feel like the princess & queen and still be “da baddest bitch?” the answer was changing her perspective.. but what could perspective possibly do? perspective is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. as trina sat in silence and digested this information it started to all make sense in her head. if I look and think about myself differently I will be able to accept and take in the beauty around me. I mean yea… I’m the baddest bitch I can be; but everyone is a bad bitch. I wonder how much brighter I would shine upon everybody if I carried the same generosity of the princess and queen & still remained extremely confident? I would be a super threat. kind… bad… bold…………….. and the dream was over. and throughout the next few days lexi couldn’t remember the details of her dream. but she did remember that perspective would take her a long way.. an ever since than nothing was the same … the end

every time i listen to trina and then i get sensitive to my boyfriend he says.. 'na .. dont do all that now wasn't u just listening to trina' lmfao. 






Hell LA but I take trips back to heaven  



My sis , B4byLexiG1RL , Muse

^ Met in a big body den BOOM two years later 

I always knew we would curate and spread an impactful message to many.



iCurate thought provoking imagery/visuals. I get in tuned when creatively directing so my subject and environment exuding a cohesive riveting visual experience. Concepts I direct flow ranging from  vibrant/minimal colors emulating raw emotion. My work is a public statement for the bold, brave and beneficial to those seeking striking content. Conveying a statement is the most essential part of my work. I also WRITE about what the fuck going on inside. I channel all the demons I face by documenting.




I want to be the voice and outlet someone takes when they truly want to express themselves n creatively let loose! I want to give hope love care and aspirations to everyone!  



Q da Fool ride for us / Fell in love 

Crystal Castles wrath of god 

Lucki @night

Kirk lithium 

Fauni eyes wide shut

Lil Peep ft Wicca Phase Springs Eternal Absolute in Doubt   Gunna Car Sick 

Lil Uzi  New Patek

Young Thug Audemar


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girl, what's wrong?

well why you don't leave em?

my man ain't shit..









lately i've been feeling extremely compelled to let my people know.. you can do or be whatever the fuck you want to be in your lifetime. there is no textbook way of getting shit done. there's literally NO right or wrong way. i say this because when i graduated high school, and it was time for me to go to college i didn't want to go. i told my family it wasn't for me. they said well what do you wanna do? I said i wanna be LEXI. - create, (my own videos, imagery, all visual arts, creative direct direct movies one day.) inspire, be the most piped up like i've always been. i have almost everybody in my family looking at me like im fucking stupid, then i have my mom, my nina and my dad like okaii u can do it that way just show us so like cool thats a bet. but me wanting to please the rest of my family i choose to go ahead an try school. the first time i went and fucked around all semester and smoked weed like 10x day, the second time i went to nursing school and that lasted for about 22 days. and for the rest of my time there i went to the library and worked on n making other shit n just went crayZ. so long story short my b4by, DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO. NO MATTER WHAT WAY YOU TRY TO GO WITH, YOU GOTTA FOLLOW UR HEART N GO FUCKIN INSANE. IF WE DON'T DO WHAT WE'RE CALLED TO DO IN LIFE WE WILL HAVE WASTED OUR PRECIOUS TIME. 




it's been cold as a bitch out here. i literally got sick as hell being in atlanta the last 10 days. I've lived in michigan for a winter and it was below zero like half of the time i was there. i was like 15 and my mom prepared coats and snow boots and shit, but broooo. i've literally been terrified to leave the house. the climate change made my sinuses go crazy. for anyone living in a place where it's cold in the winter please send me advice and how you stay warm because this is not what i was prepared for . ,...​

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my suggested user of the week.

missy elliot is so ill. she's been a role model since i was really young. she's not feminine like most female artist and she made great ass tunes. the fact that she's a cool ass tomboy warms my heart cuz that's exactly what i've grown to become. a cool ass boy who's a girl but fine as hell and piped the fuck up. love u biotch thanks for being a real inspiration to my generation. 

what is lil lexi listening to this week?

a whole lotta DN2 but since you guys can't listen to it yet, i'll give u some  other tunes that i've been listening 2 .

~relax || binghii

~i am the grinch || tyler the creator ft. fltecher jones

~wanna be down || brandy

~ killing me softly || fugees

~pusherman || curtis mayfield

~since i left u || softest hard

~outstanding || madeintyo

~the third eye || roy ayers 

~just the two of us || grover washington jr.

~ins't she lovely || marvin gaye

~i'd rather be with you || bootsy collins




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