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what's your november? is it a person?

So... what is your November? If you don't know what i'm referring to, it's a Tyler the creator song titled November which is the video directly above this. I looked on Urban Dictionary to see how they would Define what November meant from Tyler, but i wasn't fucking with what they said it meant.I think he wanted November to represent a great time in your life that you could never recreate and it was just a great space in your life. You know when I used to listen to this song I would always say my November was when I first created my site and really took my art seriously.. but as of right now.. at this time in my life, My November is right now. I am really growing and learning so much I wouldn't trade this time in my life for anything...So what is your November? I encourage you all to figure out what your November is and not try to recreate it, but Strive to make now one of the best times of your life. Since we're kinda on the topic of Tyler let me tell ya'll about my Camp Flog Gnaw Experience. But first let me remind you... We've got thanksgiving in exactly six days and Christmas in 33 Days.. Can you believe that.. Shittt me neither but we have some things to look forward to like the NEW FUCKING YEAR!!!! IT'S ABOUT TO BE 2020. I'm sooo beyond stoked to attack the new year with ya'll. The 2020 Goal Planning Module will be available December 1st. Now... MY FLOG EXPERIENCE.


ya know... the day i realized flog gnaw was just golf wang backwards all of my friends we're like no shit granted this was a long time ago but anyways! CAMP FLOG GNAW WAS SO MUCH FUN <3 So i went kinda randomly on a date actually. On the first day, I went around 7pm but by the time we got to will-call and found where we needed to go we literally walked in grabbed drinks and Tyler started like 8 minutes after. The timing was impeccable. I FINALLY got to see IGOR live which was something I had been looking forward to since the album dropped. TYLER IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN ONE OF MY FAVORITE PERFORMERS. Being a good performer and making good music are two totally different things so the fact that he not only makes great music but can perform his ass off is always lovely to experience. After he finished we were going to stay for Solange but she came on late as hell and we got tired of waiting and dipped. The second day we also went really late. Right when I walked I ran into my homegirl so we stayed together the rest of the night which was so fye cause I had been meaning to see her anyway. So when we arrived YG was playing and come on like I love that man we was going all the way up. We went on the ferris wheel during his set and smoke a blunt it was so fucking sick. He brought out shoreline when we were at the top of the rotation and when I tell you I started going duuummmmbbb.... until i realized this shit gone break if I don't sit my happy ass down. After the ferris wheel we went and got on some ride I forgot the name and really only got in because the shit looked so fye like the way the ride was built.. so I had to tap in. I truly felt like I was going to throw the fuck up when we was done but it was worth it. And finally what we've all been waiting for... DRAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKEEEE!!!! So of course I was curious as to who the "????" was like everyone else so i truly was excited to see who was going to come out. at first when rocky came out I was like oh okay that's cool.. but then he dipped and Uzi came out.. and when Uzi came out I was like oh my god let's fucking GOOO!!! but then he dipped ... and I was like OH MY GOODNESS IT BETTER BE JESUS. But it was Drake instead. I wasn't upset it was Drake he got dumb bangers I was really enjoying his set and then all of a sudden he just left the stage. Like he was randomly like I go by the name of Drake thank you for having me... I was like oh why did he just bounce. And everyone in my area looked mad confused and eventually we just walked back towards the exit and heard people talking about him getting booed.We were like wait what... so I did what any person would do... I checked on twitter. & There was a video of some of the crowd booing him but it wasn't even like that. The video made it ALOT more intense than it actually was and drake is dumb sus for just leaving because a few people booed him. Like you are DRAKE dawg. But yeah his performance was fantastic while it lasted. Speaking of Drake he is featured on one of party's new singles. I always fucked wit party so I'm excited to hear how it's sounding! I haven't listened yet, but I'll be back with my review on it next week.